Personal Training

Our sessions will assist with:
* Weight Loss
* Muscle Toning
* Looking and Feeling Great
* Suitable for all fitness levels

12 Week Challenge

* Transform your body
* Meal plans included
* Home workouts provided
* Weekly Fitness & Yoga Classes
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Before & After

* Guaranteed Results
* Transform Your Body
* Be Fit Be Strong Be Healthy


* Tuesday 6:00am
* Wednesday 6:50pm
* Saturday 7:30am
* First session $2!

Special offers & PROMOTIONS

Welcome to our personal training studio

Alltone Fitness is a private personal training studio offering one on one and small group personal training. Our studio is air conditioned and fully equipped with machines, free weights and cardio equipment. We operate by appointment only which means you will not be sharing the studio with others. This is great for those who don’t like going to big over crowded gyms. All our sessions are designed to the individual’s needs and fitness ability making them suitable for all fitness levels.Lose weight and feel great with exceptional personal training at affordable prices. Feel free to come down and check out our studio.