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Caroline’s Transformation
What a difference 10 months can make!
Caroline has lost a huge 25kg over the past 10 months. He attends two personal training sessions per week. We purely focus on strength training at our sessions, and she focuses on her cardio fitness on her own. This combined with reducing her portion sizes and eating more nutrient dense foods has seen her weight go down but strength, cardio, and general wellbeing shoot up. Well done Caroline.

Carly’s Transformative Weight Loss:
In four months, Carly’s awe-inspiring weight loss of 19kg is the result of her commitment to holistic wellness. At Alltone Fitness, Carly partakes in weekly personalized training sessions, complementing them with her own Pilates and swimming routine. Beyond the personal training, Carly’s dedication extends to her diet. She has overhauled her eating habits, consciously reducing portion sizes and opting for a protein-rich, low-carb diet. This wholesome approach displays Carly’s commitment to her fitness and well-being. Her journey not only reflects physical transformation but also emphasizes the profound impact of a balanced lifestyle on overall health and vitality. Congratulations and looking forward to continued work ahead on further improving her health and fitness.

Lorence’s body transformation!

Lorence has lost a staggering 21kg. His body fat has decreased by 10% while increasing his muscle mass. Lorence attends one personal training session per week at Alltone Fitness and under our guidance perform an additional two sessions on his own. His results are testament to his hard work and commitment with his health and fitness. Lorence we salute and congratulate you!

Tony’s Body Transformation
Since commencing personal training, Tony has gained 4kg of pure muscle mass. His body fat percentage was 29.3 % and on his last weight in, it is now down to 20.5 % Tony’s weight is also down 5kg. Well done mate!

Erin Green’s Transformation

Congratulations Erin on your health and fitness journey so far! Erin has attended two personal training sessions per week with Alltone Fitness and has lost 10kgs. Erin’s weight loss journey began when she was 104 kg. Since commencing her one on one PT sessions, her body fat has decreased from 45% to 39% . Her muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness have increased substantially. Erin’s flexibility and ability to squat efficiently were a real struggle for her, though over the past 12 months, through her commitment to personal training, she can now squat to parallel without feeling tight in her hips and calves. Erin has also changed her eating habits and is now more aware of what to eat and how good nutrition plays a vital role in staying fit and healthy. We congratulate you, Erin on this fantastic transformation and look forward to continuing this amazing journey with you.

Helen’s Body Transformation
Helen’s body transformation has been remarkable. Since commencing personal training, she has reduced her body fat by 14%, along with losing 10kg.  Helen and her fiancée Adam attend 2 personal training sessions per week, where we focus purely on strength training. Strength training is now considered the number form of exercise for overall health and fitness. It is also considered the most optimal type of exercise for fat loss. This is because strength training elevates your metabolism much greater than other forms of exercise, meaning your body will turn itself into a fat burning machine. Well done Helen on your fantastic achievement’s. We couldn’t be any happier!

Siewert’s 12 Week Transformation
Siewert participated in the Alltone 12 week health and fitness challenge. Over the course of the 12 weeks he lost over 5kg and increased his beep test from level 12 to level 15.3. Great work Siewert.

Bronnie’s Transformation
Bronnie has been attending two personal training sessions per week for the past four months. She has lost 10kg while taking 9cm off her waistline and 8cm from her hips. Her body fat percentage has reduced by a staggering 5 percent. Bronnie’s transformation is due to dedicated training and a healthy eating plan. Her muscular strength has sky rocketed and her overall fitness has improved dramatically. We congratulate you Bronnie on this fantastic transformation and look forward continuing this amazing journey with you. If your body is in need of a transformation then do not wait any longer and give us a call. Our personal training sessions target fat loss, increasing muscular strength and improving general fitness levels. You will feel fantastic! We can also help you with a healthy eating plan and offer nutritional guidance. First session is FREE as well. Contact us now and take the first step to a healthier and fitter you!

Kim’s Transformation
Kim’s weight loss journey has been remarkable. She has been attending 2 personal training sessions per week. Kim wanted to lose weight, have more energy, and increase her muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. To date, she has lost over 12kg and still counting. Her body fat has decreased and she is able to barbell squat 50kg for 8 reps. As a result of becoming fitter, she has participated in several fun runs. Her hard work and dedication to personal training and clean, healthy eating have worked wonders for her. Keep up the good work Kim, we look forward to tackling the next phase of your weight loss journey.

Paul’s Body Transformation
Paul has been attending personal training at Alltone Fitness along with doing his own health and fitness regime.

To date, he has gained 4.2kg of lean muscle mass and dropped 1% body fat. His strength has also increased greatly. Through his own nutritional program and personal training at Alltone Fitness, Paul has never been stronger in his life! Well done Paul, keep up the great work!

Aravind’s Tranformation
Aravind has lost a total of 20kg so far and still ging strong. He attends two sessions per week for the past 12 months, we have assisted him in making some life changing steps which has seen a huge improvement in his health and fitness. Keep it going Aravind, we will be here by your side supporting you with your continued journey.

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